Perfetta Pizzeria

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Menu Perfetta Pizzeria London

The best fast food an avid lover of food might ask for is a bite of pizza. The combination of veggies, spices, and meat make them extremely delicious. Perfetta Pizzeria London presents you with some of the exquisite items of pizza and spicy dishes so that you never feel down. A quick look at our listings of the menu would definitely excite your taste buds. Antipasti – Starters are everything you were looking for and our choice of starters like Focaccia e Mozzarella, Breaded Mozzarella Sticks, Potato Skin with Cheese with Topping, Chips etc are really worth trying. You can take a bite from our range of Gourmet and signature pizzas including Salsa BBQ Pizza, Bufala Pizza, Quattro Formaggi Pizza, Prosciutto e Funghi Pizza. Primavera Pizza, Perfetta Pizza, Gorgonzola Piccante Pizza among others. You cannot simply go wrong with any of these as these offer an incomparable taste. Pasta is everyone's favourite and our items on the pasta side of things are simply something attractive. We have pasta preparations like Meat Lasagne pasta, Penne Bolognese pasta, Chicken & Mushroom Pasta pasta, Spaghetti Bolognese pasta etc to the table. Our heavy eaters love to have meal items in their dishes and meal deals here are really worth mentioning. Calzone items are adored by all of us and with items like Calzone Meat, Calzone Vegetarian, you are sure to feel special. These are most fittingly completed by desserts like Bonaffie, Hazelnut & Pistachio Gelato, Mango & Coconut Sorbet Gelato, Tiramisu etc. To put a suitable combo for your meal, our array of soft drinks including Limonata, Coca-Cola, Aranciata, San Pellegrino etc would serve the best.

About Perfetta Pizzeria London

Quality is the word we are focused on and are toiling hours after hours to bring the best for our customers. We are of the belief that customers are like a blessing to us and with good quality service, they are bound to be happy. Our team works hard in bringing the best lot of ingredients and raw materials for the purpose of cooking and makes things even more special, we have the best ambience in our restaurant. Be it a simple order of a pizza or a heavy order of meals, we employ our best skills to make them heavenly for you. Visit us to unleash our potential. If you are unable to reach us, we would reach you with an ease. You can download our app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to take the privilege of our home delivery services anytime followed by your choice of menu selection from the app itself.

Restaurant location Perfetta Pizzeria London

34 Albion Street, London SE16 7JQ is the place where we are positioned. This location being at the heart of the city is the backbone of our popularity. Being a premier location, people are able to find us from the outmost parts of the city. We are also able to promise early delivery of parcels to our online customers no matter where they reside. Yet, if you are having problems in locating us, be not worried because some simple taps on our app would simply guide you to us. We are very live on our website which you can refer for more reference. No doubt, we are your first choice for the best and varieties of pizzas in the city. Visit us today and let us make your dinner a memorable one.

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